Tea Whipped Cream and Berries


Simple, delicious and so easy to make, whipped cream with fresh berries may be the perfect dessert. I added black tea powder to my whipped cream to give it a deep and bold flavor that was complemented by the sweet berries hiding underneath.
I recently picked up some black tea powder from teALCHEMY and have been experimenting with fun ways to introduce it into recipes, and I found a winner. Though black tea is my preference it could easily be swapped out in this recipe for matcha green tea powder or for a caffeine free option, rooibos powder.


What you need:
1 cup whipping cream (this will make about 2 cups of whipped cream)
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp confectioners sugar
1-2 tsp black tea powder (depending on how strong you want the black tea flavor)
Any kind of berries you like

1. Place a metal bowl and whisk into the freezer for 10-15 min. I used my stand mixer but if you do not have one any metal bowl and whisk will do.

2. Add cream, vanilla, sugar and tea powder to the bowl and mix until medium peaks form

3. Serve immediately over berries.