My Tea Pots


People have been drinking tea for thousands of years but the teapot was invented late in the game, in China during the Yuan Dynasty. It is now one of the most iconic symbols in the representation of tea. Available in almost any size and shape imaginable, teapots are beautiful sculptures as much as they are a functional vessel to prepare your favourite beverage.

I do not remember when my fascination with them began but my teapot collection has grown over the years to include sentimental pieces like my grandmother’s tea set, fun pieces like my gum ball set, and everything in between. I took some time, with the help of my cat Oliver, to photograph the pots in my growing collection.


For sentimental reasons this is my favourite tea set. This beautiful English style set belonged to my grandmother, and when I began to express an interest in tea she passed it on to me. Now it sits high up in my kitchen (where Oliver can’t get his paws on it) and I get to look at it every day. Any time I mention tea, she loves to tell me about how as a little girl growing up in Brooklyn her family was always drinking tea. It was a staple in their house just as it is in mine.


The style for preparing tea has changed many times over the course of its life. Throughout history, tea was often prepared as a fine powder that was added to hot water, or whisked into the water with a bamboo whisk, similar to the matcha we still consume. It wasn’t until the mid-13th century that the technology for drying tea eventually allowed for the leaf style that has now become the norm. With a new form for the leaves, new instruments were needed for steeping, and soon the teapot came to be.3



Tea began to be transported from China to Europe in the 17th century. Porcelain teapots often painted in blue and white designs made this journey as well. The Hybrid tea pot (pictured above) from Italian company Seletti merges classic eastern and western design on one pot. This one pot encompasses the contrast and harmony in these two design senses in a wonderfully eclectic way.




There are a variety of vessels that can assist in the enhancement of flavor and aesthetic in the daily taking of tea. The teapot is my preferred method, Not only do I appreciate the beauty of these functional pieces of art, but also their ability to strengthen the meditative ritual that is the preparation and consumption of tea.