teALCHEMY Pop Up Shop

1If you are in Toronto between now and June 17th make sure you check out the teALCHEMY pop up shop. teALCHEMY carries a curated menu of teas that represent a variety of flavors and tea growing regions, as well as a culinary line of tea powders for baking and cooking. They are primarily an online retailer and this pop up shop is a great opportunity to experience their product in person before purchasing.  

I stopped into the shop a few days ago and was greeted by the friendly staff with samples of Cherry Rose Rooibos tea, which they were also offering as iced teas to go. I was immediately impressed with how fantastic the product looked in the space. The store, which used to be a Nine West shoe store underwent minimal changes for the pop up but looked as though the space was designed just for them.




I was lucky enough to be given a tour of the space by owner Lynda Budd, who started the company in 2012 as a result of her love of tea and travel. Lynda showed me all the products that they offer but also shared some more personal stories, like that of her grandmother’s 100 year old tea pot and spoon collection featured in the shop window.


If you do stop by the shop be prepared to walk out with some new tea for your collection. I bought some goodies including: Dung Ti Oolong and Double Black Diamond. I was also generously given some Iron Goddess Oolong and a glass travel mug in exchange for an impromptu photo shoot of my tea pot and teacup tattoos.

teALCHEMY’s shop is located in Toronto’s Yorkville at 93 Bloor Street W., open Monday – Friday (10AM-8PM) and Saturday-Sunday (11AM-6PM).