Tea Blending Workshop at Cambria Gallery

I, of course, enjoy any occasion where I get to talk tea, and last week I lead a tea blending workshop at Cambria’s Toronto gallery; I had an amazing time. I want to thank the wonderful people at Cambria who invited me and worked so hard to put the event together.

Cambria is a producer of natural quartz surfaces and their beautiful gallery was the ideal backdrop for an elegant evening of: eating scones and tea sandwiches, sipping tea sangria, and blending custom teas. Cambria often holds events in their gallery for those in the design community that work with them, and in honor of Mother’s day they asked each designer to invite a guest.


5After I presented a short rundown of the different types of tea and what each brings to the table (or cup in this case) everyone had a chance to make a couple custom tea blends. Each guest got to pick between three choices for the base of their tea: green tea, black tea or rooibos. Then everyone got to add ingredients such as currents, ginger, cinnamon or lavender to create their perfect tea. It was so interesting and exciting to see what kinds of flavors were being blended and how much fun everyone was having. I had such a great time that I think I may have to start doing this type of thing on a regular basis.