Want It Wednesday: March


(Stasia Burrington)

This Tea Bath art print captures a perfect moment.


(Kirstin Stride Designs)

Retro Tea Pot Brooch, super cute hand drawn mid 50s teapot.



An adorable Bunny Infuser friend to help steep your tea.


(Uncommon Goods)

No tea bag or infuser necessary with these organic dissolvable Tea Drops


(H.E.A.P.S handworks)

Maybe the cutest eco-friendly flour sack Tea Towels ever.


(Think Geek)

Celebrate your love of caffeine by sipping your favorite caffeinated beverage from this Caffeine Molecule mug.



The minimal and modern design One-O-One Tumbler, to take your tea on the go in style.

Want It Wednesday: Toronto Tea Festival

Last week I attended the 4th annual Toronto Tea Festival. There were a lot of great vendors and tons of things I wanted to take home with me. I ended up buying way more than I should have, here are some of the things that caught my eye.


(Boreal Wildcraft)

The Wall Tea Infuser, glass mug that allows you to see the beautiful infusion in your cup, and features a wall to keep the leaves out of your mouth.

IMG_20160203_104329(World Tea Podcast)

Fill out the charts and diagrams in the Tea Tasting Logbook to be able to tell what any given tea was like at a glance. I regretted not picking one of these up at the festival so much that I ended up ordering one a few days later.


(Wait Tea House)

Mini Pu Er Cakes that look like little wrapped candies



Tea Powders are great for baking with, or as addition to smoothies or lattes.


(Shu Craft Gallery)

Adorable panda gaiwan set and chopstick stand.